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I remember launching the original Sharp Guitars website in the summer of 2008. It was great to be able to work with Don on his new website. I flew out to his shop in Auburn, Alabama and took photos of the guitars and recorded a few samples for the website.

Now, four years later, it has been great to be able to work with Don again to launch version 2.0 of his website.

The driving force behind this redevelopment is the emergence of his new brand of guitars, the TT series, which features a lot of innovative thoughts on how a guitar should be build. Behind the scenes is a brand new take on how a guitar should be braced. He told me that it came after a lot of thought. The result is a guitar that has earned him accolades, from industry professionals such as Doug Young, to high-end guitar store owners such as Robin at Guitar Gallery. Any TT series guitar will be $12,000, regardless of wood combination (all mastergrade woods will be used), features (including the wedge body shape and bevel), and body shape (TTS - Jumbo, TTSJ - Small Jumbo, TTD - Dreadnought, TTN - OM).

I had a chance to see the first TTS guitar at the 2011 Healdsburg Guitar Festival. I brought my original Don Sharp guitar with me. While on display, there were many who appreciated this guitar as well. Don decided that he wanted to keep on building guitars with this "traditional" technique. So, he has kept this option, calling it the Traditional Series. This guitar series will be at one price as well: $6,000. The wood available for this series will be woods selected from his exclusive collection, which features great pieces of wood.

The one thing that excites me about the redevelopment of this website is the "client section" feature. This section will allow you to log in and see the progress of your guitars, with notes telling you what is going on with your guitar. No more clogging up your email! It will all be in one place for you.

This website will launch in early 2012.

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    Luthier Don Sharp builds custom handmade acoustic guitars. His approach to guitar building has led him to create two lines of guitars: TT Series and the Traditional Series. To get a sample of how his guitars sound, visit his guitar recordings page.

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