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Brazilian Rosewood / Adirondack Spruce SJ

I've experienced and owned quite a number of acoustics such as Olson, Ryan, Omega, Petros, Martin, etc and clearly your guitar is far beyond than any comparing to others. It is truly amazing and special!

Not only myself but my friends who own some good guitars and
shop owners here in Korea share the same opinion.

It is definitely way better than Ryan.
I would like to introduce this remarkable instrument to others via youtube. Maybe some of the people will get a chance to put in an inquiry or an order to you.

I can send nothing but praise to this extraordinary and special guitar you've made.

Simply it's the best.

ChoongBok Lee Seoul, South Korea

Tiger Myrtle / Bearclaw Sitka Spruce SJ

I've just received my dream of a life time guitar - a Tiger Myrtle SJ built by one of AGFs sponsors - Don Sharp. The workmanship displayed in this guitar is simply amazing. The tone and sustain from this guitar is equally unbelievable. The top is bearclaw Sitka from the 60's, and the Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle is beyond description in its beauty ...

It's the first custom I've ever owned. I have 2 R Taylors, and this guitar is as playable as they are, but with tone and sustain head and shoulders above. I am very lucky to have this beauty.

(Posted by "bruce" on the Acoustic Guitar Forum)

"Contemporary Braced" Italian Spruce / Zircote SJ

Played the guitar which Don built after studying top-voicing with Ervin Somogyi, and spent about 20 minutes with it and with Don. If this guitar is an indication of his building direction, it is a very good direction.

The guitar has amazing sustain, resonance, wonderful balance between strings as well as good note separation. The response was what I have come to expect from my Olson and Bashkin, and the tension of the strings where they cross the soundhole was very supple when you grab the strings and flex them ... not at all stiff, but very pliant.

The fit-n-finish were great, and the tone was solid all the way up the fingerboard to the high ''C'' on the 1st string. Intonation was wonderful, and it played very nicely in Dropped D. Didn't try any other alternate tunings.

Action was set low and tone and response were very solid.

Don was one of the surprises of the [Healdsburg Guitar] show to me - his guitar building is exceptionally clean, and he seems to understand what he is trying to accomplish.

(Posted by Larry Jacobs on the Acoustic Guitar Forum)

Macassar Ebony / Engelmann Spruce

The tone is crystal and projection is fantastic. The workmanship is first class. Please give my regards and blessings to Mr. Don Sharp.

(Sold through Guitar Gallery)

Cocobolo / Engelmann Spruce SJ

Dear Mr. Don Sharp,

I just received the Cocobolo/Engelman SJ. It was well delivered, and most of all, I was very pleased with the sound, the craftmanship and the material!

Right after picked up the guitar, I couldn't stop the playing, it's 4:53AM here, I sit up all night, still on and on...

I respect on your proud and the result, very unique sound! I could see the sight of the Bear Mountain on a shiny day with peaceful animals as I play it.

I compared with all my guitars including vintage Martins, but no guitars sounds and have nicer playability than your Cocobolo/Engelman SJ!

Anyway I speak English, and I'm so sad cause I can't describe

how I feel amazing with your guitar!

I'll send you my next album to be recorded with your Cocobolo/Engelman SJ right after releasing it if you don't mind. Again I'd like to thank you for the nice guitar. Thanks!

Best Regards,

Jong Jin Kim, South Korea

Madagascar Rosewood / Lutz Spruce Jumbo J-17

The overall sound is absolutely wonderful. The bass strings, especially low E, sound Tuba-like. You can feel it in your gut. The guitar is also very loud but extremely well balanced. No one string drowns out or dominates another. When they are all strummed, you hear them all. Bell-like clear trebles and deep resonant bass. The notes are very articulate.

The guitar is also very responsive, even to a light touch. Surprisingly, despite its size, I can actually fingerpick with this guitar. I don't have to lay into it hard with a pick to get a response. I can use my fingernails and the sound bounces back immediately. That's special. The tone is also rich and full sounding.

The playability is right on. While a little robust, the neck is extremely comfortable. The action is nice and low too. I can blow on the strings to touch the frets with no buzzing up and down the fret board.

The guitar is very easy to play. It's also very comfortable to sit with, again, despite its size.

The wood and finish, inside and out, are impeccable. (Love the smell too). The Madagascar is beautiful as is the huge spruce top.

I hate comparisons but can certainly make them since I do own a number of high-end guitars (e.g. Maingard, Wingert, Beneteau etc). Quite frankly, they all are special and uniquely different from each other. However, the one thing they have in common is that when you pick one of these guitars up, you immediately can "feel" the quality. The fit, finish, weight, balance, sound, and playability are all there. I will say, your guitar feels that way too.

It's always risky taking a chance ordering something as expensive as this without playing it first but I am impressed with your work and glad I did.

Steve, Texas

Custom Claro Walnut / Engelmann Spruce Sharp Custom

This truly is one of the best guitars I have played! I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at the resonance found throughout the whole fretboard. The attention to all the little details is amazing, and everyone who has played the guitar so far has been extremely impressed.

I am not one for comparing "this guitar sounds like a Ryan/Olson/Goodall/Lowden/etc." All I have to say is that I have played a lot of great guitars, and you don't have to compare your tone to anyone. Your signature tone stands on its own merit and doesn't need to be compared to be validated.

As I said the first time I played it: it's beyond perfect!

Theo Tigno, Phoenix, AZ

Custom Brazillian Rosewood / Adirondack Spruce Jumbo OM

I played the guitar at an audition today and it worked wonders with it's clarity and volume in the small room. I'd like to thank you for that and say I am very happy with this guitar.

Adam, England

Custom Zircote SJ

It's a beautiful, custom made critter. Feels heavy in the hands, I mean, weight wise. The tone is rich, deep and robust... not at all tinny. Plays great. Neck looks really nice and straight.

As for craftsmanship, it's four star. Whoever this fellow is sure knows how to make a nice instrument.

Clay Riness

Acoustic Sales Consultant

Dave's Guitar Shop

Brazillian Rosewood / Adirondack Spruce D

You did a nice job. The materials you selected are top notch and the workmanship is excellent. The new nut, saddle, and pins all went together nicely. I appreciate you being willing to do the extras for me. The sound and playability are excellent also. The sustain is great and the adirondack and brazilian should open up nicely over the years. All in all, you deserve a pat on the back for a job well done.

R.Mohr, Colorado

Custom Koa J-17

Action: It is perfectly regulated and the neck is really fast: it seems a motorway for the left hand.

Sound: I really love it. It is exactly what you wrote in the advertisement and what I sought. The bass of my Martin seems a bit louder but I think that dreadnought is a little unbalanced on the level of low frequencies, so that gives the impression to have better bass than other shape of guitar (and also your guitar is new. The bass will be evolved with time). The sound of your guitar is well balanced and it sings from bass to high frequencies. It's a natural pleasure to play.

Shape: personally, I prefer 17" Jumbo because it's more comfortable for me and because I think it's more beautiful than dreadnought.

Esthetic/look: You did a very fine work and the guitar is really very elegant. It is much more beautiful than guitars makes by Martin, Gibson or Taylor. Abalone is never overstated and the way in which the various colors of woods are assembled is perfect.

I will show this guitar to the musicians whom I know and I will try to make you publicity.

In spite of the problems with shipping, I do not regret my purchase and I'm very happy.

M. LeMeur, France

Custom Quilted Mahogany SJ

The guitar is really fantastic. It sounds excellent for a new guitar and it is even more beautiful than in the pictures. Your work is really remarkable. Thank you.

D. Smith, England

Luthier Don Sharp builds custom handmade acoustic guitars. His approach to guitar building has led him to create two lines of guitars: TT Series and the Traditional Series. To get a sample of how his guitars sound, visit his guitar recordings page.

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