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In order to reserve you place on my build schedule and lock in the current price, I require an initial deposit of $1000.00. This deposit is non-refundable unless, for some unforseen reason, I cannot complete your instrument. The remaining balance is due upon completion and before delivery of your instrument.


Each instrument comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship. This warranty is extended to the original owner only and cannot be transferred. This warranty does not cover damages incurred during shipping.

Exceptions to this warranty include: Instruments completed for other luthiers (ie. the late Kevin Gallagher); those bought on e-bay or at a discount; One of a kind or prototype instruments. In other words the warranty only applies to GUITARS purchased for the full price advertised on the website.

Here are my policies to ensure that the luthier / customer relationship can be a special one:

1. Prices are non-negotiable.

2. DO NOT SEND MORE THAN $1000.00 FOR THE INITIAL DEPOSIT. I will return any checks exceeding this amount. It's not that I don't appreciate the gesture. It's just that it makes things more difficult on the accounting side of the business.

3. Once we have agreed upon the specs for your instrument, we will both sign a standard contract listing these specs and terms of the commission.

4. Once the contract is signed, additional changes and/or the addition of new features will incur the full price of the changes or features requested.

5. I accept the following forms of payment: bank check or personal check. Credit cards are not accepted. If customers wish to use PayPal, the customer is responsible for all PayPal fees.

6. Each instrument comes with a 24 hour approval period. This period begins at the time it is delivered to your door step and ends 24 hours later.

7. If you decide to return your instrument, a refund of the purchase price minus the deposit will be issued.

8. Shipping is the customer's responsibility. Even if you decide to return your instrument.

9. I am willing to take on special projects (ie build instruments that are not of my normal offerings). However, if you change your mind once I've started the build, a design and consultation (this includes e-mails, phone calls, material sourcing, etc.) fee of $50.00/hr and the cost of any materials will be charged to the customer. If construction is at least 50% completed, and you decide to cancel, 50% of the sale price will be charged to the customer. So, please make sure you want the instrument before I start designing, sourcing materials, building, etc.

10. If you decide to return an instrument that was highly custom and not of my normal offerings (ie: Banjos, Mandolins, Harp Guitars, Archtop Guitars, Sitars, etc) your deposit minus consultation, design and material fees will be refunded. The refund will be only be issued once I sell the instrument to someone else.

11. Original instruments, or ones I've not built before take time to research, design, design and make necessary tooling/jigs/fixtures, source and procure appropriate materials, season these materials, etc. Accordingly, I cannot guaranty an exact delivery date for these instruments.

12. Please do not contact us regarding instruments on the used market, unless we are selling it directly. Inquiries of this nature will not elicit a response.

Luthier Don Sharp builds custom handmade acoustic guitars. His approach to guitar building has led him to create two lines of guitars: TT Series and the Traditional Series. To get a sample of how his guitars sound, visit his guitar recordings page.

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